WattMobil, temperature maintenance solution


Optimized temperature maintenance during furnace critical stoppage periods.


Watt Mobill® has been designed to solve the following problems:Watt Mobil working

  • Furnace maintenance
  • T° rising and monitoring
  • Furnace breakdown
  • Degassing
  • Furnace performance



Designed according to foundry standards, the WattMobil® is the perfect concentrate of an electrical high efficiency immersion heater, and a dolly with an integrated electrical control cabinet. Forwarding the power straight in the heart of molten metal, the WattMobil® ensures both efficient maintaining and rising of the temperature, using 99% of IH power dissipation. Continuous use allows relief of furnace heating roof, thus helping to notably save energy, reduce oxidation of the bath and eliminate the accumulation of corundum.


Watt Mobil furnace relief
Watt Mobil face view


The WattMobil is available with Premium32, Premium55 and Premium L-Type32:

watt mobil l type 3d
watt mobil premium 55


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