Global manufacturer for foundries and die casting applications, from aluminium immersion heaters to heating station/furnaces.


Our core heating solutions are aluminium immersion heaters, we have developed this technology to boost aluminum heating efficiency. We have done many studies and realized that our heating system is more efficient than the traditional aluminum heating system.

With our heating solutions, we bring values to you, such as:

  • 100% adaptable to your current application
  • Great energy efficiency
  • Metal overheating and temperature loss can be avoided
  • Excellent metal quality
  • Outstanding productivity

High added-value heating systems that ensure foundries to optimize energy consumption, quality of critical parts, productivity and safety.

Feel free to provide us your case, we will analyze and offer an integrated solution that fits best for you.

Exclusive heating products for innovative foundries and casthouses!

Immersion heater for aluminium in foundries, recycling plant

Thermal Power Heater

L-type thermal power heater for foundries

L-type Thermal Power


QuickCheck thermocouple for molten aluminium


preheating furnace

Air Thermal Power

Protection tubes, degasing stalk for the foundry industry


Aluminium holding furnace

Al Clean

Heating solution die casting, Customized furnaces foundry, casthouse

Custom furnaces

Aluminium heating solution manufacturer Twiga


Manufacturer of foundry pressure dosing system for molten aluminium

Al serve

Foundry immersion heater clean kit

Clean Kit

Trolley , furnace peripheral for immersion heaters, thermocouples and air heaters

Heater Trolley