aluminium heating station manufacturing

Smart heating station

Advantages of the aluminium heating station:

  • Ladle size from 300kg up to 5T
  • 2kW to 60kW heating power
  • Degassing available
  • Advance monitoring available
  • Compact design: 1,80m and can be extended

TWIGA is Lethiguel’s latest aluminium heating station. Designed to optimize the working space and energy consumption, TWIGA can be adapted to any kind of transport ladle and be mounted for degassing thanks to an adaptive cover holder. To be mounted with ThermalPower® immersion heaters, TWIGA allows a high heating speed and minimum heat loss.

aluminium heating station

Available configuration of the Twiga, aluminium heating station

aluminium heating station Twiga configuration
heating station Twiga 2 heaters

TWIGA Aluminium heating station : 2 heaters

heating station Twiga 1 degassing

TWIGA aluminum heating station: 2 heaters + degassing

Key benefits of the aluminium heating station

Save energy

Based on years of field experience, it is designed to optimize the working space, thanks to a compact geometry (only 1,80m in heating position), and energy consumption, with a smart regulation system providing just the necessary power.

A customized standard solution

TWIGA can be adapted to any kind of transport ladle and be mounted for degassing thanks to an adaptive cover holder and customized cover to implement customized immersion heaters.

Boost your TWIGA using Thermal Power heaters ®

Mounted with Lethiguel Thermal Power® immersion heaters, TWIGA allows a high heating speed and low heat loss with a temperature raise based on your process needs (up to 150°C/hour). The smart regulation system is specifically designed to use 100% of Thermal Power Heaters ® potential, while providing them with a controlled environment for long lifetime.

The quickest way to use degassing

Using TWIGA mounted with our degassing system and heating solution is the best way to ensure both aluminum quality management and temperature control.

Twiga, aluminium heating station technical specifications

SMART degassing solution


Temperature drop during degassing

Overheating in melting furnace

Metal quality drop because of overheating

Increase degassing time to increase metal quality

Degassing without TWIGA


No temperature loss during degassing

Save energy!

Melting temperature decreased

Improve quality!

Better metal quality

Save time!

Degassing time decreased

SMART degassing using TWIGA

If you are expecting an integrated heating solution to upgrade your casting process, look no further than the Twiga heating station.

Our engineering bureau, in close cooperation with our team of sales engineers, can build a 100% customized heating solution upon one’s constraints. The whole project is led by a task force whose job is to deliver the best solution within a given deadline.

We can manufacture heating stations for both heating and/or rising temperature, that works for ladles from 500kg to 10tons with a 12kW to 150kW electrical power.

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