Advantages of the aluminium immersion heater:

  • Heating efficiency >99%
  • 30 to 40 Watts per cm²
  • Power up to 50kW
  • Energy savings up to 50% compared to traditional heating methods
  • Temperature regulation +/-2°C (+/- 36°F)
  • Fast and smooth heating
  • Quick installation and easy maintenance

Are you holding molten metal in casthouse, foundry or recycling plants? With TP® heater, be prepared to save energy and time while improving your metal quality and productivity. The aluminium immersion heater TP® heater is an electrical heating system, uniquely designed to hold and raise non-ferrous metals. It is intended to be directly immersed into liquid metal. The thermal power is directly brought to the heart of molten metal through conduction.

Thermal power immersion heater

Why you should use our aluminum immersion heater TP®?

We offer this technology uniquely to high pressure die casting, low pressure die casting, and gravity die casting. Our main heating solution is aluminum immersion heaters, we have developed this technology to boost aluminum heating efficiency. We have done many studies and realized that our heating method is more efficient than the traditional aluminum heating method. By using our aluminum immerson heater, we can optimize your:

  • Production cost
  • Metal quality
  • Productivity

Other options such as: degassing, filtration, transport ladle, and pre-heating are available too.

Lower cost of production (Time and energy)

With a more efficient aluminum heating method, it enables you to save more energy. With our aluminum immersion heater’s technology, you can archive your desired temperature with lesser time and energy compared to other technologies.


Metal quality

By heating your aluminum effectively with our immersion heaters, over heating is avoided and we can ensure you that your metal quality will be at its best form.



With the proper implemention of aluminum heating, you can significantly increase your productivity.


Positioning and calibration

Every single thermal power heater we install is designed according to our client’s needs in terms of heating power, application and purpose. Every each of our aluminum immersion heater is identified with its unique ID number, this will allows us to understand and keep track of your case.

Lethiguel takes into account at least 10 parameters to calibrate an immersion heater. Our engineers of research and development will conceive the solution within both thermal and positioning constraints to deliver the best integrated solution.

  • Alloy type
  • Bath temperature
  • Power
  • Voltage
  • Sheath Ø
  • Minimum bath level
  • Length under flange
  • Immersed length
  • Extension type
  • K-type thermocouple

Technical characteristics

Our aluminum immersion heater is the combination of two advanced materials:

A silicon nitride sheath with the following technical qualities:

    • No sensitivity to thermal shocks
    • High mechanical resistance
    • Excellent thermal conductivity
    • Optimum resistance to corrosion

A high watt density electrical heating resistance embedded in a highly performing isolating material, providing both electrical isolation and heat transfer, standard dimensions:

    • Sheath diameter: 32 or 55 mm
    • Length under flange from 500 to 1450 mm
    • Immersed length can reach 1000+ mm when allowed by bath’s depth and work capacity
    • Connecting voltage from 36 to 600 V, mono/three phase, delivering up to 50kW
Main applications

Holding furnace


Filtering box


Dosing furnace


Melting furnace


Transport ladle


We offer not only aluminum immersion heater, but also a turnkey solution to you

We have developed:

All these can be mounted with our aluminum immersion heater TP® to optimize your die casting process

Additional options: degassing and filtration


immersion heater manufacturer for foundry, recycling plant and die casting applications

Aluminum immersion heater TP® in

300kg holding/melting furnace

Not sure what’s the best solution for your current situation? Feel free to send us your case, we will analyze carefully and get back to you as soon as possible.