Lethiguel was founded in 1976 by Michel Levacher and Marcel Thiercelin, for the initial purpose of selling German crucibles (Tiegel) to French foundries. You may notice the missing u, that was added to ease French pronunciation.


External growth operations:Lethiguel metal heating cooling solutions in 2003, buy-out of Fitec Company, German numerical control machine-tools trading for machining and grinding industry. In 2007, buy-out of HiFast, immersion heater manufacturing company. The year 2010 sees a major turning point of Lethiguel with the relocation of productive, administrative and commercial functions in a new building.

Lethiguel GmbH starts is operations in 2012. Based in Frankfurt, the company employs three sales engineers, covering up Germany and Eastern Europe markets. In 2015, Lethiguel Inc. is set-up in Canada, to serve clients throughout North-America. The latest foreign branch created is Lethiguel Japan, who is running its own operations since early 2016.


Lethiguel is a family-owned business, driven by a will of durability and a strong trust in its teams and business model.


Key figures

An independent business

Lethiguel heating solutions turnoverLethiguel is 100% owned, Lethiguel is an independent business at all levels:

  • Financial control led by will of durability
  • Sustainable customer relations
  • Autonomous decision making and adaptability
  • New products and openness to solutions.

A worldwide presence

As an expert in non-ferrous alloys temperature control, Lethiguel improves innovative solutions to back up demanding and efficiency-oriented clients. Therefore, the company is today based in Europe (France and Germany), North-America (Canada) and Asia (Japan).

In addition, an international network of qualified sales agents and authorized resellers is dedicated to supporting and supplying our clients with the right solutions.

Industrial cooling and heating solutions


Lethiguel provides global solutions:liquid-aluminium

holding furnace engineering,

immersion heating simulation,

manufacturing, distribution


jet cooling implementation.

High added-value systems that ensure foundries they will optimize energy consumption, quality of critical parts, productivity and safety.

A skilled team and nine processes orchestrated by the quality manager are the driving forces of our Quality Management System.TUVR_4c_82.5mm

Not only Lethiguel’s QMS is a certification that recognizes a functional quality department, its main purpose is regulating our innovation and growth to ensure flexibility and reliability to our clients and stakeholders.



Our responsibility:

Lethiguel founder

Michel LEVACHER CEO and President

Commitment to our clients: our customers include the leading names in foundry and automotive industries worldwide. We believe it is our responsibility to exceed customer expectations by supporting and training their operational teams, and also by offering our expertise anytime, anywhere on the globe.

Commitment to our teams: we believe it is our responsibility to put each team member in a position to act proactively and relevantly, for the benefits of our stakeholders. For that purpose, emphasis is put on top-down and bottom-up communication as well as training, so that everyone can find interest in working every day for an SME operating in a developing industry.

Our goal is to become a benchmark and leader in conception and sales of electrical heating and temperature control technology for non-ferrous alloys. We are proudly doing our job every day, honouring ethical standards that are conditional in being part of Lethiguel’s team:

Lethiguel vision

Guillaume LEVACHER Sales manager

  • We demonstrate integrity, transparency and team spirit
  • We improve quality in a continuous way, with due regard to environment and employee safety
  • We encourage innovation at all level, but also autonomy, flexibility, adaptation, and absolute fulfilment of commitments.