Immersion Heating Furnace

If you are expecting an integrated heating solution to upgrade your casting process, look no further


Immersion Heating Furnace manufacturerImmersion heating furnaces

Lethiguel designs and sells fully-customized furnaces, built around immersion heating technology, with or without an embedded degassing system.The useful capacity, thermal performances and immersion heater positioning are specifically designed for each customer.

Our engineering bureau, in close cooperation with our team of sales engineers, can build a 100% customized heating solution upon one’s constraints. The whole project is led by a task force whose job is to deliver the right solution within a given deadline


Thanks to Lethiguel’s savoir-faire, our immersion heating furnaces help reduce energy consumption and improve metal quality.

Using heaters in a furnace boosts temperature rising while avoiding oxides.

When used with a degassing system, immersion heaters ensure an optimum metal quality and density.”



Lethiguel delivers not only a furnace, but a turnkey solution that can be instantly integrated in your casting process.


StrikoWestofen furnace distributor

Lethiguel is also StrikoWestofen’s exclusive distributor on the French territory.
Furnaces that make your world better

StrikoWestofen sells high-end furnace technology in the light metal casting industry. They offer a holistic technology from melting to final heat treatment of one’s parts.