A heating/ cooling unit allows to control the temperature of your moulds during production, everywhere a process might require heat input or extraction by heat-conducting fluid.

A significant factor in obtaining high quality die castings is the temperature regulation of the mould. The heating/ cooling devices we sell use the heat-bearing media oil and water. This ensures a precise temperature management by the operator via a control system specially attuned to the individual casting operation.


HB Therm device:

HB Therm thermoregulation devices

HB Therm thermoregulation device
HB Therm thermoregulation device


HB thermoregulation serie5 data


Thermobiehl device:

Thermobiehl Data


  • Automatic monitoring and regulation
  • Closed circuit operation
  • Non-scaling and pressure shock-free cooling
  • Stainless steel pump
  • Continuous flow measurement
  • Maximum T° regulation : water=180°C, oil=350°C



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