Foundry cooling system

Are you into die-casting industry? Then you should know about Jet Cooling system, a foundry cooling system.

The primary focus of jet cooling (patent pending Ahresty Corporation) is to control the heat transfer in the tiniest parts of the mould during the phase of aluminum solidification.

Jet Cooling principle, jet cooling system

Jet Cooling principle

Master and control the heat transfer in the smallest parts of your die!

jet cooling shrinkage, foundry cooling system

Jet cooling shrinkage

Jet cooling:

  • Reduces your cycle times
  • Enhances your quality
  • Upgrades your benefits


The jet cooling system is a cost-effective way to precisely cool down the small diameter pins, and therefore take under control shrinkage, polish and material fatigue. With a wide range of products from smallest to greatest capacities, Lethiguel delivers an engineering expertise with custom-made solutions.


Foundry cooling Ahresty Machines


AHRESTY jet cooling, AHRESTY foundry cooling system

Jet cooling AHRESTY solution

Lethiguel distributes Ahresty’s Jet Cooling solution in Europe and Northern America. The whole range of equipment is available here.


M Series:

From M20 to M100, Ahresty’s machines take under control shrinkage, polish and material fatigue. Four types of cooling capacity: for 20 jet coolers, 40, 60 and 100. Each machine comes with a touch-panel type operating circuit, installation area is minimized and noise is drastically decreased compared to competitor’s offer.





Jet cooling Lethiguel, Lethiguel cooling system for foundry

Jet cooling by Lethiguel

Lethiguel Machines SpotCool©


To extend the range of Jet Cooling machine capacities, Lethiguel designs and sells its own devices with the following characteristics:


  • for up to minimum diameter 4mm of the pin outer diameter
  • up to 20 core pins
  • cooling circuits: 4
  • automatic core pins break control
  • closed cooling circuit
  • the system is provided with a high pressure cooling pump



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