Application of aluminium furnace for:

  • High pressure die casting
  • Gravity die casting

Lethiguel designs and sells full custom made aluminium furnace, build around immersion heating technology, with or without an embedded degassing system. The useful capacity, thermal performances and immersion heater‘s position are specifically designed for each customer.

Thanks to Lethiguel’s savoir-faire, our immersion heating furnaces help reduce energy consumption and improve metal’s quality. Using heaters in a furnace boosts temperature at the same time avoiding oxidation. When used with a degassing system, immersion heaters ensure an optimum metal quality and density.

Quality, efficiency, precision

aluminium custom furnace

Lethiguel’s customized aluminium furnace

Mounted with Lethiguel Thermal Power® immersion heaters, our furnace provides a high heating speed and low heat loss with a temperature raise based on your process needs (up to 150°C/hour). The smart regulation system is specifically designed to use 100% of Thermal Power Heaters ® potential, while providing them with a controlled environment for long lifetime.

Our engineering team is always available to design the best solution based on your unique technical specifications.

Ever since that there is more and more customers have been putting their trust in our core heating system, the Thermal Power Heater ®. We have co-designed customized aluminium furnaces in order to meet very specific technical specifications from industries that require increased quality and low energy consumption.

Aluminium immersion heater technical characteristics:

Our aluminum immersion heater is the combination of two advanced materials:

silicon nitride sheath with the following technical qualities:

  • No sensitivity to thermal shocks
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Optimum resistance to corrosion

A high watt density electrical heating resistance embedded in a highly performing isolating material, providing both electrical isolation and heat transfer, standard dimensions:

  • Sheath diameter: 32 or 55 mm
  • Length under flange from 500 to 1450 mm
  • Immersed length can reach 1000+ mm when allowed by bath’s depth and work capacity
  • The connecting voltage from 36 to 600 V, mono/three-phase, delivering up to 50kW

Why you should use our tailor-made aluminium furnace?

  • Improve your molten aluminium quality
  • Enhance your productivity
  • Reduce your energy consumption

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